Become One Body One Spirit in Christ

BOBOSC_logo_150In anticipation of the new Missal, ICEL commissioned a catechetical resource entitled "Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ".

An interactive DVD that explores the depth and richness of the text and music for the Roman Missal as well as a general catechesis on the Mass, the resource centers on five essays and uses video, texts, graphics, and music to help the user enrich their understanding and deepen their appreciation of the Eucharist.

Filmed in churches and cathedrals in the USA, Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa and with expert commentary from translators, academics, liturgical consultants and practitioners, the resource evokes biblical imagery which is foundational to these texts.

It has been designed for a range of audiences including Priests and Deacons, Liturgical Ministers, Educators and Catechists, Parishioners - including families and adult faith groups.


A New Translation for a New Roman Missal

New20Translation20Roman20Missal20DVD-72dpi_200In anticipation of the new English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal, Rev. Msgr. James P. Moroney, Executive Secretary of the Vox Clara Committee gives a refreshing introduction to the historical background of the Roman Missal, explaining why these translations are important and how they developed. He also takes an in-depth look at the changes to various Mass prayers, including

  • the Confiteor ("I Confess to Almighty God..."),
  • the Gloria ("Glory to God in the Highest..."), and
  • the Ecce Agnus Dei ("Behold the Lamb of God...").

This DVD resource is a helpful guide for priests, deacons, seminarians, and the laity, providing a fertile ground in which to develop a new and insightful appreciation for the Sacred Liturgy and the rich, authentic text of the new English translation, as well as serving as a useful tool for pastoral preparation and catechesis of the lay faithful.


Roman Missal Australia - website

acbclogoMembers and Consultants of the National Liturgical Council that advises the Bishops Commission for Liturgy are currently engaged in preparing material and resources for this site.

The website will become "live" very soon. It will contain resources to assist clergy, parish liturgy committees,musicians, parish pastoral staff, schools and interested persons to implement the new translation of the Roman Missal.

Please continue to check this site for updates on the launch and put it in your bookmarks now for further reference.


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